The Quest
Lacey Cheryl

The Quest Begins

The first album from The Quest

About Us

The Story

Mike started writing some songs. Then Mike asked John to add in some bass lines.  Pretty soon they were writing songs together.  They went looking for a singer and found Lacey who was doing her own thing but agreed to do some recordings.  Al jumped in to add some drums.
The result is some brand-new, hard driving rock that sounds like days gone by.

The Band

Mike Daniels on Guitar
John Frampton on Bass and backing vocals

Al on drums

featuring Lacey Cheryl on vocals


Everything - but with an ear to the classic rock that Mike and John grew up on: Aerosmith, Van Halen, KISS. If you listen very hard you might even hear  some Steely Dan and Sinatra as well as some Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash. Like we said - a little bit of - everything.

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